Caroline Couchman

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I model the piece and finish it in great detail. I usually work directly in wax. This model then goes to the foundry either in Dublin or France. They encase it in plaster which is then heated to make the wax run out. The plaster mould is inverted and the molten bronze is poured into it. When cool the plaster is broken off. I finish the piece in my studio by filing the bronze to ensure that it is exactly as I want.

I then go back to the foundry where I work with the Patinator, who to achieve the desired patina, uses chemicals and a blowtorch. This is rather fun and we are both very fussy about this process. She then brushes wax over the hot piece which, when cooled and polished, shows up the work with a shine and also deepens the colour. The sculpture is now finished.

I normally mount the piece on local Kilkenny limestone.

Bronze grouse sculpture by Caroline Couchman